Flexible Wire RTD Sensor FEP Insulated Hermetically Sealed 25 Inches Long with Stripped Leads




Flexible Wire RTD Sensor FEP Insulated 25 Inches Long Hermetically Sealed FEP Insulation with Stripped Leads

  • The RTD Sensor is a 3-Wire Design Pt100 (Platinum 100 Ohm RTD) design with a Class A Element encased in 25 Inches of a Flexible and Durable Hermetically Sealed FEP Insulated jacket.
  • Operational Temperature Range of -100 to 400 F (-75 to 200 C)
  • FEP Plastic Fluoropolymer Insulation provides a high level of Chemical Resistance and a hermetically sealed yet flexible sensor, it is easily cleaned and sterilized.
  • RTD Element is Electrically Isolated from the sheath along with twisted wire design provides signal protection from electrical interference. 
  • Wire leads are 24 Gage stranded Nickel Plated Copper with FEP Insulation.
  • Outside Diameter is a Nominal .102" (2.6 mm) 
  • Incredibly Diverse Applications. Examples include fluid immersion in Bio-Medical, applying corrosive resistant coating in anodizing processes for the the Metals industry. Thermal battery performance testing in Electrical Vehicles, cleaning process in Semiconductor. Measuring concrete curing in Construction Engineering and Building Materials industries.
  • EvoSensors Part Number P3A-PFHS-24S-PX-0.25-PFXX-25-STWL

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