Type K Thermocouple Wire 24 Gage Stranded FEP Insulated 1000 ft Long


SKU: K1X-PFXX-24S-1000FT


Type K FEP Insulated Thermocouple Wire 24 Gage Stranded 1000 ft Long Spool.

  • Type K Thermocouple grade wire with a stranded construction providing excellent flexibility and strength.
  • A 2-Wire parallel design with 400 F (200 C) FEP Insulation on the 24 Gage Stranded Wire and the overall jacket with ANSI color coding.
  • The 2 bare wires are a 7/32 design (7 strands of 32 gage wire (.008") diameter) with an each having an overall construction diameter of .024" 
  • The 2 wires are color coded as Yellow Positive and Red Negative with an .008" wall of PFA insulation
  • The wire has an overall Brown Outside Jacket with an .010" wall of PFA and overall nominal dimension of .063" x .102"
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