Type T Thermocouple Wire - Fine Diameter 36 Gage PFA Insulated - 1000 ft Length


SKU: T1X-PFXX-36G-1000FT

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Type T Thermocouple Wire with 500°F (260°C) rated PFA Insulation - Fine Diameter 36 Gage 1,000 ft Long

  • Type T Thermocouple 36 Gage wire with PFA insulation, 1 spool of a 1,000 ft continuous length
  • Temperature Operating range is -380°F to 500°F (-200 to 260°C)
  • Highly Accurate SLE Thermocouple Grade wire.
    • Solid 36 gage wire with each bare wire measuring 0.005" Inches in diameter 
  • Wire Construction is a parallel design with both individual wires and outside jacket consisting of a  0.003" diameter PFA (Plastic Fluoropolymer) insulation.
  • Overall outside jacket dimension of 0.017" x 0.028"
  • ANSI Color Coded with Blue on the Positive copper wire and Red on the constantan Negative Wire. The overall jacket is Clear
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