Thermocouple Wire Type K 20 Gage Stranded PFA Insulated 1000 ft Long


SKU: K1X-PFXX-20S-1000FT

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Thermocouple Wire - Type K Calibration 20 Gage Stranded PFA Insulated 

  • A type K 20 gage stranded thermocouple grade wire design with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) color coding. It is a side by side parallel design with a Yellow Insulation on the Positive nickel chrome wire and a Red Insulation on the Negative nickel aluminum wire. The overall outside jacket insulation is brown.
  • The bare wire is individually insulated with a - 400 to 500 F (-240 to 260 C) rated Plastic Fluoropolymer PFA. The overall outside jacket is also made from PFA insulation providing a durable, waterproof and corrosive resistant protection with a nominal outside diameter of .073" x .126"'
  • The stranded bare wire construction is 7 strands of 28 gage (.012") diameter wire and provides excellent flexibility.
  • This thermocouple grade wire maintains the temperature accuracy throughout the diverse temperature range of the insulation and can be made into a temperature sensor itself. 
  • K calibration thermocouple wire, connectors and sensors are utilized more than any other thermocouple type due to its wide temperature range and corrosion resistant nickel based design.
  • EvoSensors Part Number K1X-PFXX-20S-1000FT
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