Type J Twisted Shielded 24 Gage Stranded Thermocouple Wire FEP Insulated 1000 ft Long


SKU: J1X-FPTS-24S-1000FT

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Twisted Shielded Type J 24 Gage Stranded Thermocouple Wire FEP Insulated 1000ft Long with SLE Accuracy

  • Twisted Shielded thermocouple wire design to minimize electrical interference to a Type J thermocouple signal.
  • Temperature Range is 32 to 400°F (0 to 200°C),
  • Stranded 24 Gage wire provides a good level of flexibility 
  • Wire Construction 2 bare wires each made with 7 strands of 32 gage wire and each having an overall diameter of (.024"),
    • Each wire is individual insulated with .008" thick FEP insulation and then Twisted together
    • Aluminum Mylar shielding is wrapped over the 2 internal insulated and the twisted wires. A ground wire copper is in contact with shield to provide a grounding option.
    • Highly accurate Type J SLE (Special Limits of Error) thermocouple grade wire result in a +/- of 1.98°F (1.1°C)
    • Overall outside insulated wire dimension not to exceed 0.110"
  • FEP Insulation has a continuous service temperature range from –400 to 400 °F –240 to 205 °C although the accuracy of Type J declines below 32°F (0°C)
  • Length - 1000ft (304.8 meters)
  • Part number: J1X-FPTS-24S-1000FT
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