About Evolution Sensors and Controls


Evolution Sensors and Controls, LLCprovides Temperature Measurement expertise to Engineers, Scientists and Technical Professionals across the Globe. We serve an exceptionally diverse number of critical industries, including Bio-Medical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Food Processing, Information and Electronic systems, Aerospace, Government and Defense, along with Overall Manufacturing and Research.

We're committed to being a premier supplier/partner to your organization for temperature sensing applications.  This means we first have to have faith in our supply chain.

We source components from only suppliers meeting a minimum score on our proprietary supplier assessment protocol.

The protocol has us assess suppliers in terms of quality, service, delivery, and sustainability (or environmental systems).

Primacy is given to suppliers who can provide evidence of proactive systems/practices in those four key areas.  We make every effort possible to source from U.S. operations for three reasons:

1. It keeps our environment impact/footprint to a minimum.

2. It allows us to stay closer to our suppliers, and quickly work with them in the rare event an issue arises.

3. We are a U.S. company committed to keeping profits and jobs in the U.S. wherever possible.

We're data-driven. We're more than happy to share that data with you, our customers.  Companies are getting more sophisticated in their analytics capabilities; we feel we understand and support this direction better than any of our competitors.  It is our goal to provide the most consistent product on the market, and we will share the data that demonstrates that claim.

Give Evolution Sensors  an opportunity to serve your needs.  We will do everything within our capabilities to ensure you will be a repeat and long-term client.