Infrared Temperature Sensor and Transmitter - Compact Fixed Mount Design



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Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor and Transmitter in a Compact Housing.

The Compact Series of Infrared Temperature series provides Accurate and Fast Response, Non-Contact temperature measurement at an excellent price. 

  • The IRT-CSLT Infrared Temperature Sensor and Transmitter in a Compact Fixed Mount Design is perfectly suited for non contact temperature measurement applications.
  • Temperature Operating range from – 40°F to 1886°F (-40°C to 1,030°C)  and can be utilized in ambient temperatures of up to 176°F (80°C) without additional cooling.
  • Factory Default Settings - 0 to 3.5VDC 32°F to 662°F (0 to 350°C) Output and .95 Emissivity.
  • Recommend Purchasing the IRT-CSLT-PUSB Programming USB Kit -Compact Connect Software to provide Extensive Process Control and Data Collection Options.
  • USB Kit - Software provide selectable outputs 0 – 5 V or 0 – 10 V (free scalable) or thermocouple type K. Display multiple sensors, set emissivity and alarms along with data collection triggers and many other options.  
  • Sensor Size - a 1/2" (.500" or 12 mm) diameter Stainless Steel cylindrical housing 3.4" (87 mm) total housing transitioning to a 3.3ft (1 M) long connection cable. The unit can operation in a 10% to 90% relative humidity and has an ingress protection rating of IP63. 
  • Mounting is accomplished with an integral 1" (26 mm) long threaded section with a M12 x 1 thread. 2 mounting nuts are included with the unit and an optional mounting brackets are available.
  • Optical Field of View is 15 to 1 Distance to Spot Size with a spectral range of 8 to 14 µm. The Response time (90%) ranges from 25 milliseconds and is adjustable up to 999 seconds.
  • System Accuracy plus or minus 1.5% or 2.7°F (+/- 1.5% or 1.5°C) with Repeatability +/- 0.75 % or 1.35 °F (± 0.75% or 0.75 °C) at ambient temperature 73 °F +/- 9°F (23°C +/- 5°C)
  • The tremendous value of the performance and features to the cost have made this design a Go to Solution for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement for many Machine Builders in diverse industries such as Automation, Paper and Pulp, Electronics, Automotive, Materials, Medical and Energy along with many others.
  • EvoSensors Part Number IRT-CSLT-1
  • Location - E-1-6

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