Ceramic Thermocouple Connectors - Miniature Female

Ceramic Thermocouple Connectors -  Miniature Female
  • The Miniature Female Ceramic Thermocouple Connectors are designed to accept the Flat Pin Male Ceramic Connectors and effectively transfer the millivolt signal from the thermocouple sensors, wire and other connectors to the temperature measurement instrumentation.
  • Excellent performance in High Temperatures and or Vacuum Environments.
  • The Ceramic Connector Body is Rated to 1200 F (650 C)
  • The Effective Temperature Range of the connector is determined by the Type of Thermocouple Calibration selected
  • The connectors are available in 10 Different Thermocouple Type Calibrations JK, E, T, N, C, R/S, and U (B)

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