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RTD Probes with Connectors

RTD probes and sensors with Connectors probe a high leveler of protection along with a faster connect and disconnect feature than the historical stripped leads connecting to a wire terminal block.

  • RTD Connectors do not require specially compensated alloys as is the case with the great majority thermocouple probe connectors.
    • RTD connector pins are typically copper and can be coated with nickel, gold and other materials to prevent oxidation.
  • Connector Designs typically utilized on RTD probes and sensor include the following
    • Miniature male and female with 2 and 3 flat pins. 
    • Standard Size with 2 and 3 round pins
    • Round Connector designs with 2, 3 and 4 pin connectors
    • Electronic and Electrical Industry connectors typically in a rectangular form made by large manufacturing companies such as Molex, JST and others
View all 0-08-inches-long 0-5-inches-long 0-51-inches-long 0-94-inches-long 1-2-npt-fitting 1-2-npt-fitting-spring-loaded 1-2-npt-ss-fitting 1-25-inch-l-x-250-circular 1-4-npt-fitting 1-5-inches-long 1-8-npt-fitting 1-8-npt-ss-fitting 1-inch-circular-flange-and-tube 118-inch-dia 12-inches-long 125-inch-dia 188-inch-dia 192-inches 2-inches-long 250-inch-dia 26s-awg-3-wire-072-inch-dia 312-inch-l-x-250-wide 312-inch-long-500-inch-wide 316ss-tube 36-inches 4-5-inches-long 4-inches-long 40-inches 6-inches-long 7.5-inches-long 72-inches 80-inches 9-Inches air-ss-fitting air-temperature-probe bolt-down-rtd element-and-wire exposed-element-with-stripped-wire-leads fast-response-RTD-sensor flanged-probe flat-aluminum-fitting G 1/8 Fitting iec-100-ohm m12-metal-circ-conn-npt-fitting-and-spring m12-metal-circular-conn-and-npt-fitting m12-metal-circular-connector m12-plastic-circular-conn-and-npt-fitting m12-plastic-circular-connector m12-plastic-conn-npt-fitting-and-transmit mi-cable-probe Mini Plastic Connector Thre Mini Plastic Connector Three mini-bolt-down-aluminum-fitting-wire-and-conn mini-male-3-pin-plastic-connector mini-plastic-connector-three-pin Miniature Steel Hex fitting with Wire and Conn miniautre-steel-hex-fitting-with-wire-and-conn no-fitting npt-fitting-and-wire npt-fitting-with-wire-and-connector num-8-32-w-250-hex plastic-fluoropolymer-ins-single-leads plastic-fluorplymr-ins-wire-with-ss-braid PR-13-2-100-1/8-6-E PR-20 PR-21 PR-22 probe pt100-3-wire-class-a pt100-4-wire-class-a Round-Mounting-Flange rtd RTD Probes RTD Pt100 Air Temperature Sensors and Probes RTD-2-F3105-36-T-OTP RTD-805 rtd-830 RTD-850 rtd-probe-with-pfa-lead-wire rtd-probes-with-connectors rtd-probes-with-fittings RTD-Probes-with-Stainless-Steel-Braid-over-PFA-Leads rtd-standard-round-pin RTDM12 RTDM12 RTD Sensor with M12 Connector ss-cage-housing-with-wire-and-connector stainless-steel-316 stainless-steel-tube-with-wire-leads standard-male-3-pin-plastic-connector std-plastic-connector-three-pin stripped-ends surface-probe threaded-probe threaded-ss-fitting TRC#P1 TRM-P1B-3--0100X

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