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Thermocouple Connectors
Thermocouple Connectors

What are Thermocouple Connectors? 

  • Thermocouple Connectors are the connecting devices from your temperature sensor to the instrumentation ensuring the temperature measurement signal is accurately transmitted.
  • Temperature Range of the thermocouple connectors are typically from - 40 F to 1200 F (-40 C to 650 C) although the specific range is significantly influenced by the Connector Body Material selected.
  • Connector Sizes and Shapes are typically rectangular or circular shaped with a Miniature design utilizing flat pins or a larger Standard design with round pins in a male plug or female jack/socket configuration.
  • Thermocouple Type or Calibration identification of the connector is achieved by Colored Coding and or marking the body with the designated letter of thermocouple type. The primary color code formats are ANSI or IEC.
  • Material Content of Contact Pins - must be made from and match the Thermocouple Alloys or from Specially Selected Alloys
  • The Filter Search Tool on the Left of this page can quickly help find specific designs, or simply scroll down to browse the extensive offering of thermocouple connectors and their accessories. Additional Technical Reference Information is also available with the following link Thermocouple Connector Guide

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