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Beaded Wire Thermocouples with Miniature Connectors

The Beaded Thermocouple design with Miniature Connectors attached provide excellent versatility in temperature range, response time, diameter and applications, along with ease of use with quickly plugging the miniature male connector into handheld and data logger temperature measurement instrumentation.

  • Temperature ranges  -328 F to 3600 F (-200 to 2000 C) 
  • Fine Wire micro beaded 40 gage to rugged Heavy Duty 20 gage wire.
  • PFA (Plastic Fluoropolymer), Fiberglass Braided, and Ceramic Insulators designs
  • Connector Temperature range - 40 F to 1200 F (-40 C to 650 C) with Thermoplastic, Thermoset or Ceramic materials.
  • Same Day shipment on hundreds of configurations
  • Custom Designs and Lengths manufactured with Fast Delivery
  • The Filter Search Tool on the Left of this page can quickly help you find specific designs, or simply scroll down to browse the extensive offering of Beaded Thermocouples
View all 0-25-inches-long 120-inches 125-inch-dia 180-inches 20-awg-pair-060-x-095-inch-dia 20-gage-beaded-thermocouples-500-f-260-c-pfa-insulation 20-gage-beaded-thermocouples-with-500-f-260-c-pfa-insulation 24-awg-pair-050-x-075-inch-dia 24-awg-pair-050-x-080-inch-dia 24-awg-pair-050-x-086-inch-dia 24-awg-pair-056-x-093-inch-dia 240-inches-20ft 30-awg-pair-024-x-040-inch-dia 30-awg-pair-037-x-050-inch-dia 30-awg-pair-040-x-055-inch-dia 30-gage-010-diameter-thermocouple-wire-with-500f-260c-pfa-insulation 36-awg-pair-019-x-030-inch-dia 36-Gage-Fiberglass-Insulated-Thermocouple 40-awg-pair-017-x-026-inch-dia 40-inches 50-inch-long-wire-thermocouple 5srtc-gg-k-20-36 5srtc-gg-k-20-72 5srtc-gg-k-24-36 5srtc-gg-k-24-72 5SRTC-GG-K-30 5SRTC-GG-K-30-36 5SRTC-GG-K-30-50 5srtc-gg-k-30-72 5SRTC-GG-K-36 5SRTC-GG-K-36-120 5SRTC-GG-K-36-240 5SRTC-GG-K-36-50 5srtc-gg-t-30-36 5srtc-gg-t-30-72 5srtc-tt-j-30-72 5srtc-tt-k-20-36 5srtc-tt-k-20-72 5srtc-tt-k-24-36 5srtc-tt-k-24-72 5srtc-tt-k-30-36 5srtc-tt-k-30-72 5srtc-tt-k-36-36 5srtc-tt-k-36-72 5srtc-tt-k-40-36 5srtc-tt-k-40-72 5srtc-tt-t-20-36 5srtc-tt-t-20-72 5srtc-tt-t-24-36 5srtc-tt-t-24-72 5srtc-tt-t-30-36 5srtc-tt-t-30-72 5SRTC-TT-T-36-36 5SRTC-TT-T-36-72 5SRTC-TT-T-40-36 5SRTC-TT-T-40-72 5TC-PVC-K-24-180 5TC-PVC-T-24-180 6-inches-long 60-inches 80-inches 804-7892 beaded-wire-sensor beaded-wire-thermocouples-with-miniature-connectors c ceramic-insulated-thermocouples exposed exposed-epoxy fiberglass-ins-wire j k kapton-ins-wire mini-male-ceramic-connector mini-male-plastic-connector miniature-male-plastic-connector plastic-fluoropolymer-ins-wire pvc-ins-wire t thermocouple Type C Thermocouple Connector wire-bead-weld

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