4 Wire RTD Pt100

4 Wire RTD Pt100
RTD 4 Wire Diagram
  • 4 Wire RTD with a Pt100 (Platinum 100 ohm) temperature sensing element provides the opportunity to determine and remove the actual resistance of the RTD lead wire from the measurement circuit resulting in excellent Temperature Accuracy and Repeatability
  • Pt100 4 Wire RTD designs were historically utilized in laboratories, research, and related equipment for this industry, although the desire for increased temperature accuracy in Industrial Machinery and other Process applications has increased the demand of the 4 wire design.   
  • Connectors with 4 Wire RTD capabilities such as the M12 style circular connector technology, along with miniature designs utilized in in automation, electronic, aerospace and automotive industries has also influenced the ongoing adoption of this RTD design.
  • Pt100 is the term used for a platinum based 100 ohm RTD element (resistance temperature device). 
    • Ceramic chip designs with a thin film deposition of platinum are the Most Utilized RTD element in today's world.
    • A wire wound RTD construction is also available and provides a wider temperature range at addition costs.
  • Class A is an accuracy designation, a Class A thin film RTD element design provides an accuracy of 0.15 C to 1.05 C within the temperature range of -50 to 300 CA wire wound element has a range of -100 to 450 C

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