4 Wire RTD Pt100

4 Wire RTD Pt100
A 4 Wire RTD provides a Higher Level of Temperature Accuracy as compared to the 2 and 3 wire RTD configurations. This is due to the fact the 4 Wire configuration eliminates the potential differences in circuit resistance resulting from a variation in lead wire length, diameters and materials.  
  • 4 Wire RTD designs were historically utilized in laboratories and research centers 4 Wire RTD Designs due to the higher cost of the sensor and special instrumentation to accept a 4 wire input.
  • Increased Utilization of the 4 Wire RTD design is occurring throughout industry. Cost has reduced and availability for the sensors and instrumentation has increased. The value from improved temperature accuracy has enhanced product quality, efficiency and new product development.
  • RTD Connectors with 4 Wire capabilities has also influenced the ongoing adoption of this configuration. The circular connector technology such as the M12 design and other circular connectors along with miniature connectors utilized in in automation, electronic, aerospace and automotive are being increasing utilized in other industries as well. 
  • Pt100 (platinum 100 ohm) and Pt1000 (platinum 1000 ohm) resistance temperature devices are the most commonly used design with the 4 Wire configuration. 
  • Temperature Operating range for a 4 Wire RTD is the same as the 2 or 3 wire configurations, meaning -320°F to 1,562°F (-196 to 850°C) depending on the design selected. 
View all 0-08-inches-long 0-16-inches-long 0-51-inches-long 0-94-inches-long 1-2-npt-fitting 1-2-npt-fitting-spring-loaded 1-2-npt-ss-fitting 1-25-inch-l-x-250-circular 1-4-npt-fitting 1-8-npt-fitting 1-8-npt-ss-fitting 1-inch-l-x-750-inch-wide 1-inch-long 1000ft 100ft 108-inches 10ft 118-inch-dia 12-inches 12-inches-long 120-inches 125-inch-dia 2-inches-long 200ft 24-inches-long 240-inches-20ft 250-inch-dia 25ft 26-gage-rtd-wire-pfa-insulated 26s-awg-3-wire-072-inch-dia 26s-awg-3-wire-contruction-072-inch-dia 26s-awg-4-wire-082-inch-dia 3-inches-long 300-inches-25-ft 312-inch-l-x-250-wide 312-inch-long-500-inch-wide 316ss-tube 32208550 - Yageo-Nexensos 36-inches 4-inches-long 4-wire-pt1000 40-inches 48-inches 5-inches-long 5-Meters 500ft 50ft 6-inches-long 60-inches 600-inches-50-ft 7-strands-of-34-awg-wire 72-inches 8-Inches-Long 80-inches 96-inches air-ss-fitting air-temperature-probe bolt-down-rtd cryogenic-rtd element-and-wire exposed-element-with-stripped-wire-leads F3105-A fast-response-RTD-sensor field-cuttable-with-wire-leads flat-aluminum-fitting G 1/8 Fitting Heraeus-32208550 Hermetically-Sealed-Flexible-RTD-Sensor-Probes hermetically-sealed-tip-with-stripped-wire-leads iec-100-ohm m12-four-pin-male m12-metal-circ-conn-npt-fitting-and-spring m12-metal-circular-conn-and-npt-fitting m12-metal-circular-connector m12-plastic-circular-conn-and-npt-fitting m12-plastic-circular-connector m12-plastic-conn-npt-fitting-and-transmit metal-transition-with-lead-wire mi-cable-probe mini-bolt-down-aluminum-fitting-wire-and-conn Miniature Steel Hex fitting with Wire and Conn miniautre-steel-hex-fitting-with-wire-and-conn no-fitting npt-fitting-and-wire npt-fitting-with-wire-and-connector num-8-32-w-250-hex P4A-NPT8-125-PX-2-PFXX-40-STWL pfa-coated-rtd-probe pfa-plastic-fluoropolymer plastic-fluoropolymer-ins-single-leads polyimide-glass-reinforced-tape PR-10L-4-100-1/8-3 PR-10L-4-100-1/8-6 PR-20 PR-20-3-100-1/8-2-E-T PR-21 PR-22 PR-22-3-100-A-1/4-0600-M12 PR-22-3-100-A-1/4-1200-M12 PR-22-3-100-B-1/4-0600-M12 PRCTL-3-100-A-1/4-24-40 probe pt100-2-wire-class-b pt100-3-wire-class-a pt100-3-wire-class-b pt100-4-wire-class-a rtd RTD Probes RTD Pt100 Air Temperature Sensors and Probes rtd-3-f3105 RTD-3-F3105-36-T rtd-830 RTD-850 rtd-elements rtd-probe-with-pfa-lead-wire rtd-probes-with-connectors rtd-probes-with-fittings rtd-sensors rtd-wire rtd-wire-400-f-rated-fep-insulation rtd-wire-400F-rated-FEP-insulation RTDM12 RTDM12 RTD Sensor with M12 Connector RTDM12-G1/8-3MM-24MM-A SA1-RTD-4W SA1-RTD-4W-120 SA1-RTD-4W-80 SA1-RTD-4W-80-ROHS self-adhesive-patch-and-wire spring-loaded-rtd-probes-with fittings spring-loaded-rtd-probes-with-fittings ss-cage-housing-with-wire-and-connector stainless-steel-316 stainless-steel-tube-with-wire-leads stripped-ends surface-probe threaded-probe threaded-ss-fitting TRC#P1 TRC#P1A2X TRC#P1B2X TRM-P1B-3--0100X TRMEXI#P1A-3--0100X u uncompensated-nickel-plated-copper-wire wire-tc-and-rtd

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