4 Wire RTD Pt100

4 Wire RTD Pt100
RTD 4 Wire Diagram
  • The Pt100 is a platinum based 100 ohm RTD element (resistance temperature device). A ceramic chip with a thin film deposition of platinum is the most commonly utilized element design. A wire wound construction is also available and provides a wider temperature range at addition costs.   
  • A 4 Wire RTD connection to the element and instrumentation provides the opportunity to determine and remove the actual resistance of the lead wire from the circuit and results in excellent temperature measurement accuracy.
  • A Class A designation with a Thin Film RTD element provides an accuracy of 0.15 C to 1.05 C within the temperature range of -50 to 300 CA wire wound element has a range of -100 to 450 C
  • The combination of the Pt100 Class A element and the 4 wire connection provides a very Highly Accurate and Repeatable RTD temperature sensor. 
  • The 4 wire design was historically utilized in laboratories and research, although in recent years it has become increasing popular in Industrial Applications especially with the use of M12 style - 4 Pin Circular Connector Technology.

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