Type K Thermocouple Connectors

Type K Thermocouple Connectors
K Type Thermocouple Connectors are the most utilized design throughout industry, they accurately and securely transfer the wide temperature range of −330°F to 2460°F (−200°C to 1350°C) from Type K thermocouple probes and wire. Type K Miniature Male and Female Thermocouple Connector Set - Mating Pair
  • Temperature Accuracy is ensured with the contact pins being made from matching thermocouple alloys with nickel-chrome for the positive and nickel aluminum for the negative.
  • Temperature Operating range of the connector bodies is  -40 to 1200°F (-40 C to 650°C) although the specific range is significantly influenced by the connector body material selected. 
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  • Connector Body materials are typically thermoplastics, thermosets or ceramics
    • Thermoplastics are the most utilized design with temperature range of approximately -40 to 400°F plus (-40 to 200°C) and have a good level of mechanical durability. 
    • Thermoset materials are an excellent choice where the connector itself would be exposed to a continuous 500°F to 800°F (260°F to 425°Crange. Thermosets typically have a higher level of impact resistance than ceramics although lower than most thermoplastics.
    • Ceramics provide a -20 to 1200 °F (-29 to 650 °C) range and also provide the opportunity to be utilized in Vacuum applications. Ceramics are more susceptible to mechanical damage as compared to thermoplastic or thermoset designs. 
    • Sizes and Designs - the 2 basic sizes are male and female miniature connector utilizing flat pins and the larger standard round pin connector with with both using a rectangular body.
      • Specific Functional designs include connector with the ability to mount in control panels, on electronic circuit board, and within protections heads.
      • Other Unique applications include a 3 pin design minimizing electrical interference, 4 pins to support 2 thermocouple circuits and round connector bodies. 
    • Colored Coding - the most utilized connector color code for is Yellow for Type K ANSI (American National Standard Institute) and Green for IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)
    View all 192-inches 300-inches-25-ft 60-inches 600-Inches 600-inches-50-ft 72-inches 96-inches CMJ-KAPF connector-extension-cable-mini-male-female connectors-and-fittings DTC-K-F DTC-K-M flat-pin hmp-k-f iec-color-code JP-K-F k LJ-K LP-K miniature-ceramic-female miniature-ceramic-male miniature-duplex-female miniature-duplex-male miniature-female miniature-female-thermocouple-connectors-400-f-200-c-rated miniature-high-temperature-female miniature-high-temperature-male miniature-locking-female miniature-locking-male miniature-male miniature-male-thermocouple-connectors-400-f-200-c-rated miniature-panel-jack miniature-panel-mount miniature-pcb-flat-mounting miniature-pcb-rear-mounting miniature-pcb-side-mounting miniature-thermocouple-connectors miniature-three-pin-female miniature-three-pin-male miniature-ultra-high-temperature-female miniature-ultra-high-temperature-male mpj-k-f OSTW-K-F OSTW-K-M OTP-K-M OTP-K-M-ROHS pcb-thermocouple-connectors PCC-SMP-K-100 PCC-SMP-K-5 round-pin SHX-K-F SHX-K-M SMPW-K-F SMPW-K-F-ROHS SMPW-K-M SMPW-K-M-ROHS SMPW-K-MF SMPW-KI-F SPJ-K-F standard-ceramic-female standard-ceramic-male-hollow-pins standard-ceramic-male-solid-pins standard-duplex-female standard-duplex-male standard-female standard-high-temperature-female standard-high-temperature-male standard-male standard-panel-insert-flanged standard-panel-jack standard-thermocouple-connectors standard-three-pin-female standard-three-pin-male standard-ultra-high-temperature-female standard-ultra-high-temperature-male TAS-K-1 TAS-K-2 TAS-K-3 TAS-K-4 tc-connectors thermocouple extension cable with female connector and stripped leads thermocouple extension cables thermocouple-adapters thermocouple-connector Thermocouple-Connectors- 4-Prong Thermocouple-Connectors- 4-Prong-Dual-Circuit thermocouple-extension-cable-with-miniature-male-connector thermocouple-extension-cables thermocouple-panel-jacks THMK-SJ THMK-SP

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