Surface RTD Sensor - Stick On Silicone Rubber Patch Design 4-Wire Pt100 with 240 Inches (20 Feet) Lead Wire



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Surface RTD Sensor - "Stick On" Silicone Rubber Patch 4 Wire Pt100 Design with 20 ft Long Lead Wire

  • Pt100 4 Wire RTD Surface Temperature Sensor with a Self Adhesive Silicone Rubber Patch and 240 inches (20 FT) of PFA insulated wire with stripped leads. 
  • Sensor Temperature Range of -50 to 300 F (-50 to 150 C
  • 20 feet (240 Inches) of PFA insulated 500 F (260 C) rated 28 gage stranded nickel plated wire in a 4 wire twisted design with stripped leads.
  • IEC Color code of Red and White.
  • The RTD element is encased in the molded Silicone Rubber Patch, the combination of patch material and the PFA insulation on the wire provides a sensor design resistant to Wet and Corrosive environments.
  • Instrument Connection - stripped wire leads
  • The sensor is an ideal choice for gas and oil piping or storage systems, along with heating and ventilation ducts and many other applications. 
  • Evosensors Part Number:  P4B-RPAT-REC-PX-1-PFXX-240-STWL
  • Location: C-3-10
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