Thermocouple Connector - Miniature Time Saver Series

Thermocouple Connector - Miniature Time Saver Series

In a world where Time and Reliability has become increasing crucial to the success of your product development, the Evolution Sensors team recognizes and appreciates the extensive behind the scenes efforts and talents of R&D and Test Engineering professionals.

These teams diligently apply multiple technologies and sort through critical data to understand and offset potential failures related to the extreme and diverse operating requirements of the product along with other factors.

We understand a broken or intermittent connection from a sensor could result in the loss of days or even weeks of testing efforts. We want to Lighten or Eliminate the Time and Concerns with Temperature Testing from the Tip of the Sensor all the way through to the Connection of the Instrumentation.

Our Time-Saver Thermocouple Connector Series, can Reduce your Assembly Time by 2 Minutes on each connector and provide a Very Secure and Rugged Stainless-Steel Clamping System for your lead wire.

The connector cap has an integral stainless steel bracket with a pre-assembled wire clamp design. All the screws are stainless steel combination heads and with the simple turn of a screw the clamp quickly and easily accommodate designs as small as 40 gage parallel jacketed wire and as large as 20 gage parallel jacketed wire. 

The design allows you to simply slide the wire through the clamp and tighten in place, eliminating the need to invest time and money to attach the clamp to the bracket or purchasing an expensive holding fixture. 

For the ultimate approach in securing the sensor connections combine our Male-Female Locking Connector Design with the Time-Saving Cap Clamp. 

Browse our connector and fittings website pages for some of the most innovative and extensive offering of temperature sensor connectors in the industry.

Miniature Male K Calibration Thermocouple Connector with Integral Cable Clamp Miniature Female K Calibration Thermocouple Connector with Integral Cable Clamp Miniature Male Type K Locking Thermocouple Connector


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