Surface Mount RTD Temperature Sensors

Surface Mount RTD Temperature Sensors

Would your Surface Temperature Measurement application benefit from improved Accuracy and Repeatable? One of the best solutions to this requirement are Surface Mount RTD Temperature Sensors.

Surface Mount RTD - Bolt Down Design with Lead Wire and Stripped Ends Surface Mount RTD Temperature Sensor  RTD Surface Sensor with Miniature Screw Down Fitting

Customers around the globe have reported the Evolution Sensors and Controls Bolt-On, Stick On or Screw Down Surface Mount RTD's designs have helped them significantly improve their temperature measurement performance.

These customers indicated the temperature drift and other erratic measurements were eliminated with the use of these RTD sensors. The customers also reported a higher level of Immunity to Electrical Interference from the RTD's, especially where power circuits, power supplies, or adjacent motors and related equipment are present.

The Temperature capabilities of the RTD sensor designs shown above range from -90 to 500 F (-70 to 260 C). The utilization of Class A Accuracy RTD elements provide excellent accuracy, performance and reliability for a diverse number of applications for equipment builders, research and development labs and many more industries.

If your application requires a design variation on the RTD's shown, click the following link Surface Mount RTD Temperature Sensors to view additional models and or Contact Us by email at or by phone 856 578-7940 to discuss a design best suited for you application.

If you desire additional overall insight on RTD temperature sensor technology click on What are RTD Sensors and Probes


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