4 Wire Pt100 RTD Probe 1/4" Diameter 6" Long with Rugged Transition Fitting to 10 ft of FEP Lead Wire


SKU: P4A-S316-250-PX-6-FPXX-120-STWL

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4 Wire Pt100 RTD Probe 1/4" Diameter 6" Long with Transition to 10 ft Lead Wire

  • The RTD is a 6 inch long 316 Stainless-Steel sheath 1/4" diameter probe with 10 ft of Wire Leads.
  • Temperature Operating range is -90 to 40F (-70 to 200°C).
  • Pt100 (Platinum 100 Ohm) Class A Accuracy temperature sensor encased in metal sheath with high purity mineral insulation providing excellent temperature stability and mechanical toughness
  • Probe Transition is a ruggest tubular stainless steel fitting housing and spring for strain relief to the 10 ft of FEP Insulated Lead Wire.
  • The wire is rated to 400°F (200°C) and it is a rugged 4-conductor 24 Gage Stranded (7/32) construction with white and red inner conductors and white jacket.
  • Applications and Industries include Bio-Pharmaceutical, Medical, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Electrical Battery Technology, Laboratory Instrumentation, Food Processing, HVAC, Refrigeration and other industries
  • EvoSensors Part Number: P4A-S316-250-PX-6-FPXX-120-STWL


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