4 Wire RTD Extension Cable - 4ft or Longer Leads with 4-Pin Flat Miniature Female Connector and Stripped Ends



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4 Wire RTD Extension Cable 4ft or Longer Leads with Miniature Female 4 Flat Pin Connector and Stripped Ends

  • 4Pin Flat Miniature Female provides a connection to a RTD probe with a miniature male 4 flat pin connector termination. The stripped wire ends connects to your instrumentation or terminal block   
  • Temperature Range of extension cable assembly -40 to 428°F (-40 to 220°C)
  • Lead Wire is 4 conductor 26 stranded (7/34) nickel plated copper wire with PFA insulation each of the 4 wires and twisted. An overall jacket of PFA and outer diameter .095.
    • Color Code is 2 black, 2 red inner wires and white overall jacket
    • Wire temperature rating is -450 to 500°F (-268 to 260°C) 
  • Instrument and Sensor Connection - 1" Inch overall stripped ends with 1/2" Inch bare wire for instrument or terminal block connection.
    • Miniature female connector has a silicon rubber Strain Relief for the wire.
    • Both the connector and strain relief have a temperature range of -40 to 400°F (-40 to 200°C). 
    • The assembly can acurrately transfer the full temperature range of RTD probes
  • EvoSensors Part Number: U4W-CAPF-26S-FPFS-4FT-MDCF - with 4ft leads
    • U4W-CAPF-26S-FPFS-10FT-MDCF with 10ft leads
    • U4W-CAPF-26S-FPFS-25FT-MDCF with 25ft leads
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