Custom RTD Extension Cable Assembly 4 ft. of FEP Insulated Wire with M12 Male Connector and Standard Size 3 Pin Female Connector



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Custom RTD Extension Cable Assembly with M12 Connector Technology

The RTD M12 Connector Extension Cable Series provides the ability to Securely and Reliably extend the RTD temperature signal from the sensor to your Monitoring and or Control Instrumentation.
  • This Custom RTD M12 Connector Extension Cable Assembly consists of a Field Installable M12 Male Connector Straight Body Design with 4 ft.(1.2 meters) long of 24 Stranded FEP Insulated Wire and a Standard Size 3 Pin Female RTD Connector.
  • The assembly is designed for a Wire Connection. The wire is 24 stranded (7/32) nickel plated copper with a 400 F (200 C) temperature rated FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) insulation.
  • The M12 RTD Connector is a male straight body field installable design with a 194 F (90 C) temperature rating. The connector has an IP-67 Ingress Protection Rating
  • The Standard Size 3 Pin RTD Female Connector and Cable has a 400 F (200 C) temperature rating with a stainless steel wire clamp attached.  
  • RTD Extension Cable Assemblies are available in Multiple Designs and Customized for your Connection Needs. 
  • The design and overall performance capabilities of this product provides a protected connection solution from vibration, moisture and dirt along with providing ease of maintenance in the Marine Industry, Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Mobile Power Generation, Gas and Oil, Chemical, Military, Food and Beverage, Agricultural, Industrial Equipment, Factory Automation. Semiconductor  and other industries.
  • EvoSensors part number: U3W-FEPI-24S-SCTF-4.0F-M2MS
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