RTD Probe - Industrial Aluminum Flip Top Connection Head - 6" Long 1/4" Diameter - Class A Accuracy


SKU: P3A-316SS-250-PX-6-NPT2-X-IHAF

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3 Wire Class A Accuracy Pt100 RTD Temperature Sensor with a 6" Inch Long 1/4" Diameter Stainless Steel Probe and a 1/2” NPT Stainless Steel Fitting attached to an Industrial Aluminum Flip Top Connection Head

  • Temperature Range is -55 to 500°F (-50 to 200°C) 
  • Pt100 (Platinum 100 Ohm) 3-wire Class A accuravy RTD temperature sensing element
  • Stainless Steel (316 Grade) 6 inch Long 1/4 Diameter Probe with a welded on and sealed 1/2 NPT Stainless Steel fitting for insertion and sealing 
  • Aluminum Flip Top Industrial Head provides secure access to the sensor connector terminal block or to the in-head transmitter.
  • Applications and industries include chemical, petrochemical, power generation, food & beverage, dairy, metal processing, heat-treating, oil & gas, mining, biomass, water & wastewater, aerospace, pharmaceutical, HVAC, rubber, plastics and others.
  • EvoSensors Part Number: P3A-316SS-250-PX-6-NPT2-X-IHAF
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