Thermocouple - RTD Connection Terminal Connection Barrier Strip - 5 Pole/Position Design



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5 Pole/Position Thermocouple - RTD Terminal Connection Barrier Strip.

  • Terminal Barrier Strips provide an organized and central connection point for thermocouple, RTD and other sensors or electrical control lead wires within a control panel or equipment enclosure.
  • The 5 Position Design provides the unique terminal connection of 2 sets of Twisted Shielded Thermocouple Wire leads with a Grounding Wire on the same compact barrier strip. Another option is a 3 Wire RTD sensor and 2 Wire Thermocouple.
  • Available from 1 Position or poles through 25 Positions 
  • Temperature Range - -55 to plus 300 F (-48 to 150 C)
  • Connect wire gages from large 16 gage to the high utilized 24 gage.
  • Designed to Prevent Accidental Short Circuits
  • Location: E-6-1

Consider the following Accessories to complete your Connection System

RTD Extension Wire 26 Gage Stranded 3-Wire Design PFA Insulated 100 ft Long K Type Thermocouple Wire 24 Gage PFA Insulated 100 ft Long Twisted Shielded Thermocouple Wire Type K 24 Gage

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