Type K Flexible 30 Gage Wire Thermocouple with Polyimide Tape Insulation with 40" Inch Long Wire Leads and Stripped Ends



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Type K Insulated Thermocouple with 40 inches of 30 Gage Polyimide Fused Tape Insulated Wire with Stripped Leads

  • Temperature Operating range is -103 to 555°F (-76 to 288°C).
  • Exposed Welded bead design provides precise placement and fast temperature response. The bead diameter is 0.029" inches (0.7 mm)
  • Lead Wire is insulated Fused Polyimide tape (also known as the brand name Kapton). It has excellent abrasion and cut resistance along with providing good protection from chemicals except strong bases. It also offers high dielectric strength and insulation resistance.
    • Kapton does not support combustion it decomposes slowly without visible burning.  It is also resistant to radiation. 
  • Wire Leads are 40" inches (3.3ft or 1 meter) long flexible small diameter 30 gage solid in a 2 wire parallel design and individually insulated with Fused Tape Polyimide along with a Polyimide outside jacket. 
  • Wire Construction- each bare wire is 0.010" Inches (0.25 mm) diameter and is covered with Polyimide tape insulation.The 2 insulated wires are also protected with an overall Polyimide tape.
    • Overall outside diameter is .040" x .055" (1.0 mm x 1.4 mm)
  • Instrumentation Connection - stripped wire leads
  • Application and Industries - include Defense and Aerosapce, Semi-Conductor Life Sciences, Optics, and Overall Research and Testing along with many other industries.
  • EvoSensors Part Number: K1X-WBWX-30G-EX-0.25-KKXX-40-STWL
  • Location: D-1-9
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