Type R Thermocouples - Bare Wire Design - 30 Gage (.010") Diameter 6 to 24 Inches Long

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Type R Thermocouples - Fast Response Exposed Bead Bare Wire Design - 30 Gage (.010") Small Diameter Wire 6 to 24 Inches Long
  • Temperature Operating range from -58 to 2700°F (-50 to 1480°C)
    • Type R and S are resistant to oxidation in air although reducing atmospheres can be especially damaging.
  • Exposed Bead fast response bare wire thermocouple junction provides exceptional Fast temperature measurement response time. 
    • Sensor Length is 6 to 24 inches long with 30 gage .010 inch (0.25 mm) diameter bare wire.
    • Instrument Connection: bare wire leads  
    • EvoSensors part number: R1X-WBWX-30G-EX-BWXX-6 with 6 inch long leads
      • R1X-WBWX-30G-EX-BWXX-12 with 12 inch long leads
      • R1X-WBWX-30G-EX-BWXX-18 with 18 inch long leads
      • R1X-WBWX-30G-EX-BWXX-24 with 24 inch long leads

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