Type K Beaded Thermocouple with Epoxy Coated Tip and 15 ft of PVC Insulated Wire and Miniature Connector



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Type K Beaded Thermocouple with Epoxy Coated Tip 15 ft of 24 Gage Solid PVC Insulated Wire and Miniature Connector

  • Type K Thermocouple with an epoxy coating over the bead welded thermocouple junction and 15 ft of PVC insulated lead wire with a miniature connector attached.
  • Temperature Operating range - 67 to 221°F (-55 to 105 C) 
  • Wire Leads -180 inches (15 ft) of 24 Gage Solid Type T thermocouple wire with a single jacket of PVC insulation in Rip Cord design. Overall insulated diameter is .050 x .100 Inch.
  • ANSI Color code - Yellow on the positive Nickel Chrome wire and Red on the negative Nickel Aluminum wire.
  • Instrument Connection miniature male type K thermocouple connector with a silicone rubber strain relief.
  • EvoSensors Part number: K1X-WBWE-24G-EE-0.25-PVCX-180-MPCX
  • Location: D-2-8
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