Glass Braid Insulated Thermocouple - Type K 24 Gage 40 inches long with Stripped Leads



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The Glass Braid Insulated Type K Thermocouple provides a Rugged Design with the 24 Gage Wire. The Exposed Welded Bead is a Durable .036" diameter and also provides a Fast Temperature Response up to 900 F (482 C)

  • The thermocouple sensor is an exposed welded bead made from SLE Accuracy Type K 24 gage wire with 40 inches (1 meter) of Fiberglass braided insulated lead wire with stripped ends.
  • The thermocouple bead is 0.036" (0.91 mm) diameter and provides the opportunity for Rugged and Fast Response Time of Approximately 1.5 Seconds along with an excellent temperature operating range of 900 F (482 C)
  • The 24 gage solid 0.020" (0.51 mm) bare wire is a 2 wire parallel construction with the wires individually insulated with Fiberglass Braiding. The overall outside diameter is a nominal .050" x .080".
  • The design and overall performance capabilities of this product provides excellent temperature solutions for Heat Treating, Metal Processing, Aerospace, Optics, and overall Research and Testing along with many other industries.
  • EvoSensors Part Number K1X-WBWX-24G-EX-0.25-FGXX-40-STWL
  • Location: D-3-3

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