Compact RTD Probe with 1/8 NPT Fitting Integral Transmitter and M12 Connection - Pt100 4 Wire Class A




Compact RTD Probe with 1/8 NPT Fitting and Integral Transmitter with M12 Connector Technology 

  • The Compact RTD Probe is a 24 mm (.945") long 316 Stainless-Steel sheath 3 mm (.118") diameter probe with a M12 Molded Circular Connector and NPT Fitting with an Integral 4-20 mA Transmitter.
  • The temperature sensor operating range is -58 to 230 F (-50 to 110 C)
  • The sensor is a Pt100 (Platinum 100 Ohm) 4-wire Class A accuracy design in a 24 mm (.945") Long 316 Stainless Steel Sheath with an integral 1/8" NPT Stainless Steel Fitting.
  • The probe transitions to a M12 Molded Circular 4-Pin Connector with a Built in 4-20 mA transmitter. The outer sheath of the connector is molded plastic housing protecting the electronic transmitter circuit. The electronics can operate in a temperature range of -4 F to 194 F (-20 to 80 C).
  • Do you have a tight space application requiring the protection and signal transmission typically associated with a conventional head and transmitter. The Compact RTD series with the Built in Transmitter is most likely you answer. It has provided the solution to many customers in the Marine Industry, Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Mobile Power Generation, Gas and Oil, Chemical, Military, Food and Beverage, Agricultural, Industrial Equipment, Factory Automation and other industries. It is ideal for Pressure Vessel and Pressure Container applications.
  • EvoSensors Part Number P4A-NPT8-3MM-PTRX-24MM-M12P

Consider the following Accessories to complete your Sensor System

M12 RTD Connector Extension Cable Assembly Straight Design 5 Meters Long - Silicone Wire  M12 RTD Connector Extension Cable Assembly Straight Design 5 meters silicone wire custom

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