Type J Thermocouple Probe with Miniature Male and Female Connector - 1/16 Inch Diameter 6 Inch Long Ungrounded Inconel Sheath


SKU: J1X-IN60-062-UX-6-MPCX

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Type J Thermocouple Probe with Miniature Male and Female Connector - 1/16 Inch Diameter 6 Inch Long Inconel Sheath Ungrounded

  • Type J Thermocouple Probe is a 6 inch long 1/16" diameter Inconel MI Cable probe sheath with an ungrounded thermocouple junction and a miniature male and female connector attached.
  • Temperature Range is 32 to 825°F (0 to 440°C) 
  • Inconel MI Cable design provides a Bendable Sheath with highly compacted, high temperature mineral insulation (MgO) ensuring the separation and protection of the internal thermocouple wires. 
  • Ungrounded design isolates the internal thermocouple wire junction at the tip and minimizes electrical interference of the thermocouple millivolt signal output. 
  • Termination is a Miniature Male and Miniature Female Quick Disconnect thermocouple connector. The miniature female connector provides the option to connect thermocouple extension wire to the female and stripped wire ends to the instrumentation. Both connectors are rated to 400°F (200°C). 
  • Evosensors part number: J1X-IN60-062-UX-6-MPCX has a miniature male flat pin thermocouple connector
    • J1X-IN60-062-UX-6-MPMF has a mininature male and female connector
  • Location: C-6-13

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