Ultra Fine Type K Thermocouple with (.002") Diameter 12 Inches Long Fiberglass Insulated Sleeves with Miniature Connector

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Ultra Fine Type K Thermocouple with (.002") Diameter 12 Inches Long with Fiberglass Insulation and Miniature Connector

Product Discontinued - we can provide .003" diameter and larger designs

  • Temperature Range at tip 32 to 1100°F (0 to 593°C)
  • Ultra Fine exposed beaded bare wire thermocouple junction measuring approximately .003" inches (.76 mm or 76 microns) provides extremely Fast temperature measurement response time.
  • Wire Leads 12 inch long 44 gage .002 inch (0.05 mm) Diameter bare wire with fiberglass sleeves rated to 600°F (316°C) continuous rating.
  • Instrument Connection is a miniature male flat pin thermocouple connector
  • Applications and Industries include Medical, Semi-Conductor, Electronics, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Optics, and overall Research and Testing along with many other industries
  • EvoSensors part number: K1X-WBWX-44G-EX-BWFG-12-MPCX
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