Infrared Sensor Air Purge Collar for Compact Series with M12x1 Sensing Head




Air Purge Collar for Compact Infrared Temperature Sensor and Transmitter. 

  • The laminar Air Purge Collar is available for all the Infrared Sensors with M12x1 sensing head threads.
  • Designed to keep Dust, Moisture, and other Contaminants away from the Infrared Lens and at the same time the air flow will not impact the temperature of the object being measurement in a short distance application. 
  • The collar Anodized Aluminum and is a L shaped construction with an approximate 1 inch length, width and height. 
  • The Infrared Sensor easily threads into the M12 x 1 female thread of the collar. 
  • The Air Purge Collar can be Combined with a Aluminum Mounting Fork to provide a threaded mounting base and axis control.  
  • Evosensors Part Number: IRT-CSLT- APCA

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