Infrared Temperature Sensor USB Connection Kit for Windows based or IR mobile App Programming Software



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Infrared Temperature Sensor Programming Connection Kit

  • Mini male USB connector termination on 1 end of the cable and wire Terminal block on the opposite end with push pin type connection.
    • Color coded wire to easily connect our infrared pyrometers/transmitters
  • Cable Length is 32 inches (slightly less than 3ft or 0.8 meters)
  • Additional USB connectors - 1 Mini USB female to male connector and 1 Standard Size USB accepts miniature male adaptor. 
  • Free Windows based Compact Connect Software compatible is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks and computers using either Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10. 
    • Click on the Compact Connect link above to download the 160MB Zip file
    • Software provides Detailed Analysis and Documentation of temperature measurement values with the ability to Save Data in Excel and Diagrams in Word.
    • Provides Automated Process Control including Alarms, Signal Output, Data Collection Triggers and other many parameters.
    • Display, Record and Analyze multiple sensors.
  • Free IR mobile Appworks on most Android devices running 5.0+ with a micro USB port supporting USB-OTG (On The Go). Download from Google Play
    • Change of temperature unit Celsius or Fahrenheit, Integrated simulator
    • Temperature time diagram with zoom function
    • Setup of emissivity, transmissivity and other parameters
    • Scaling of 4 – 20 mA/ 0 – 10 V output and setup of alarm output
  • EvoSensors part number IRT-CSMLT- APCC
  • Location: E-1-3
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