Type J MI Cable Probe Inconel Sheath Ungrounded 1/16" Diameter 12 Inches Long with Standard Connector


SKU: J1X-IN60-062-UX-12-SPCX

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Type J Thermocouple Probe with a Standard Size Round Pin Connector - 1/16" Diameter 12 Inch Long Inconel Sheath Ungrounded Design

  • Temperature Range is 32 to 825°F (0 to 440°C) 
  • 1/16" (.062") Diameter Inconel MI Cable design
    • Bendable metal sheath with a highly compacted, high temperature mineral insulation (MgO) ensuring the separation and protection of the internal thermocouple wires. 
  • Ungrounded design - the thermocouple wire junction is isolated from the tip and entire length  sheath protecting the wire and minimizing potential signal error from electrical interference
  • Instrument Connection is a Standard Size male round pin plug type connector with a temperature range of -40°F to 400°F (-40 to 200°C)
  • Evolution Sensors Part Number:  J1X-IN60-062-UX-12-SPCX
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