Type K MI Cable Probe Inconel Sheath 1/16" Diameter 12 Inches Long with High Temperature Standard Connector


SKU: K1X-IN60-062-UX-12-SHCX

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Type K MI Cable Probe Inconel Sheath 1/16" Diameter 12 Inches Long with High Temperature Standard Connector

  • A Type K Thermocouple Probe made from .062" (1.6 mm) diameter Inconel MI Cable with a Standard Male Plastic Connector.
  • An upper continuous Temperature Range of 1,690 °F (920 °C)
  • The probe is 12 Inches Long and has an Ungrounded Design, meaning the thermocouple junction and wire are isolated from the tip and metal probe sheath as such providing Protection of the temperature measurement signal from Electrical Interference. 
  • The attached High Temperature Miniature Connector is rated to 800 F (425 C) and provides a Quick Connect - Disconnect design to your Instrumentation or extension cable.
  • EvoSensors part number: K1X-IN60-062-UX-12-SHCX
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