Type K Miniature Male Ceramic Thermocouple Connector



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Type K Miniature Male Ceramic Thermocouple Connector - Compact Design rated to 1200°F (650°C) 

  • Maximum Temperature operating range of 1200°F (650°C).
  • Flat Thermocouple pins are made from Type K thermocouple alloys and are polarized with a larger width negative flat pin and smaller width positive pin to ensure proper connection.
  • Connector Body is a compact miniature design made from high quality ceramics.
    • The dimensions are detailed in an attached image and outlined as follows .807" (20.5 mm) long by .728" (18.5 mm) wide by .378" (9.6 mm) thick with a .177" (4.5 mm) cable opening. The pins are .472" (12mm) long.  
    • Miniature Ceramic connectors are typically 1/16" (.062 or 1.57 mm) Thicker and .098" (2.5 mm) Wider than miniature plastic connectors resulting in a need of different accessories such as wire clamps. The ceramic connector are also slightly longer
  • EvoSensors part number: K1X-MALE-CON-FP-X-MCCX
  • Location: A-3-24

Consider the following Accessories to complete your Connector System 

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