Type K Thermocouple MI Cable Probe Stainless Steel Sheath Exposed 1/16" Diameter 12 Inches Long with Miniature Connector


SKU: K1X-S304-062-EX-12-MPCX

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Exposed Tip Type K Thermocouple Probe provides Fast Response with a Bendable Metal Sheath

  • Type K thermocouple probe with a12 inch long 1/16" diameter stainless steel mi cable type sheath with a miniature male connector attached.
  • Temperature Operating range -200 to 1,600°F (-128 to 870°C)
    • Can be used at higher temperatures for one time use.
  • Bendable MI Cable Stainless Steel sheath provide a combination of flexibility and strength.
  • Instrument Connection is a miniature male flat pin connector
    • Connector can accurately transfer the full temperature range of Type K thermocouples
    • The plastic body of connector is capable of operating in environments of -40 to 400°F (-40 to 200°C) 
  • EvoSensors part number - K1X-S304-062-EX-12-MPCX 
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