Type K MI Cable Probe Inconel Sheath 1/8" Diameter Ungrounded 6 Inches Long with PFA Lead Wire


SKU: K1X-IN60-125-UX-6-PFXX-40-STWL

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Type K Thermocouple Probe 6-Inch Long 1/8" Diameter Inconel Sheath Ungrounded with a Transition to FEP Lead Wire with Stripped Ends

  • Temperature Operating range of the probe sheath is 32 to 1,960°F (0 to 1070°C)
  • Ungrounded Thermocouple design minimizes electrical interference and protects the thermocouple junction.
  • Inconel Sheath 6 inches long 1/8" diameter - bendable MI Cable design  
  • Probe Transition to a stainless steel metal fitting backfilled with high performance epoxy and stainless steel spring with 40 Inches (1 Meter) of lead wire.
  • Wire Leads are 20 gage stranded (7/28 - 7 strands of 28 gage (.012") diameter) thermocouple wire in a 2 wire parallel construction and insulated with 400°F (200°C) rated FEP. Overall dimension is .074" x .128"
  • Color Code is ANSI with a yellow insulated nickel chrome positive wire, red insulated nickel aluminum negative wire and brown overall jacket
  • Instrument Connection - stripped wire leads
  • EvoSensors Part Number: K1X-IN60-125-UX-6-PFXX-40-STWL
  • Location: C-6-8
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