Type K Dual Thermocouple Probe 6 Inches Long 1/8" Diameter Stainless Steel Sheath Ungrounded with a Dual Miniature Connector


SKU: K2X-S304-125-UX-6-MDCX

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Type K Dual Thermocouple Probe with a 1/8" Diameter 6 Inch Long Stainless Steel Sheath Ungrounded and Dual Miniature Male Connector

  • 2 individual temperature measurement circuits within 1 probe with a fast and easy connection.
  • Design Options - 1 single common thermocouple junction ensures the temperature measuement is very accurate or 2 separate thermocouple juctions to minimize electrical interferece to the signal. 
  • Upper Temperature Limit is approximately 1,960°F (1,070°C)
  • Stainless Steel Sheath MI Cable design 6 inches long and 1/8" (.125") diameter.
    • MI Cable design provides the ability to Form or Bend the probe to a radius equal to 2.5 times the sheath diameter without causing any damage to the temperature sensing capabilities or integrity of the metal sheath.
  • Isolated (Ungrounded) thermocouple junction from minimizes potential signal interference from electrical noise. 
  • Instrument Connection - Dual miniature thermocouple connector provides quick connection capabilities and has an upper temperature limit of 400°F (200°C)
  • EvoSensors Part number: K2X-S304-125-UX-6-MDCX - the 4 internal wires form 1 Common Thermocouple Junction -  Location B-1-11
  • Part number: K2X-S304-125-U2-6-MDCX K2X-S304-125-U2-6-MDCX - the 4 internal wires form 2 Separate Thermocouple Junctions.

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