RTD Pt100 Probe for Labs, Restaurants and Test Centers AirFlow and Exhaust Hood Temperature Measurement




RTD Sensor for Air Flow and Exhaust Hood Temperature Measurement

  • The RTD is 1/8" diameter by 1.5" inch long Stainless Steel probe attached to a 1" inch diameter thin Stainless Steel Mounting Flange with PFA Insulated lead wire and 3-pin Male Connector. The operating range is -90 to 500 F (-70 to 260 C).
  • The sensor is Pt100 Class A Accuracy design encased in the probe sheath and transitions to a 40 Inches of 3 conductor 500 F (260 C) rated Harsh Chemical Resistant and Easy to Clean PFA Plastic Fluoropolymer Insulated Wire with a Miniature Three Pin Plastic Connector providing the a quick connection to your control or monitoring instrumentation. 
  • The integral and Thin Stainless Steel Flange ensures a secure although lightweight mounting for thin walled plastic laminate and sheet metal typically associated with air flow system
  •  The RTD probe design provides a small profile, durable, easily cleaned and accurate Pt100 temperature Air Flow sensor solution for Laboratory, Test Centers and Commercial Cooking exhaust, laminar flow and HVAC systems.
  •  EvoSensors P3A-CSTB-125-PX-1.5-PFXX-40-MPCT

Consider the following Accessories to Complete your Sensor System

RTD Connector Extension Cable PFA insulated wire with 3-Pin Miniature Male and Female Connector


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