RTD Wire – 2 Wire Design 26 Gage Stranded with FEP Insulation - 200 ft Long


SKU: U2X-FPXX-26S-200


RTD Wire – Wire Design 26 Gage Stranded with FEP Insulation

  • Temperature Range up to 400 F (200C)
  • Wire Construction is 2 bare 26 gage stranded (7/34 design - 7 strands of 34 gage) nickel plated copper wires with FEP insulation (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) on each wire and twisted with an overall FEP  jacket. The overall outside cable diameter is a nominal .084" (2.1mm).
  • Twisted Wire design provides an excellent combination of flexibility and strength, along with reducing the potential of electromagnetic interference (EMI) from electrical power generation and other devices.
  • FEP Insulation (fluorinated ethylene propylene) provides excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, thermal aging and chemicals including solvents, acids, and oils. 
  • IEC Color Coding with the 2 internal wire identified as 1 Red and 1 White with a White Overall jacket.
  • EvoSensors Part Number: U2X-FPXX-26S-200
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