Short RTD Probe 4 Wire Class A Design with a 1 Inch and Longer 1/8" Diameter Sheath with 80" of PFA Lead Wire



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Short RTD Probe 4 Wire Class A Design with a 1 Inch and Longer Longer 1/8" Diameter Stainless Steel Sheath and 80" (2 meters) of PFA Lead Wire

  • Temperature Operating range is -90 to 500°F (-70 to 260°C)
  • Pt100 (Platinum 100 ohm) Class A accuracy temperature sensor in a 4 wire configuration provides highly accurate temperature measurement. 
  • Probe Transition is a 500°F (260°C) rated epoxy seal to 80 inches (2 meters) of PFA (Plastic Fluoropolymer) insulated wire.
  • Lead Wire is 4-conductor 26 Gage Stranded (7/34) nickel plated copper with each wire insulated with 500°F (260°C) rated PFA. These 4 insulated wires are twisted together and covered with an outside jacket of PFA. The overall outside nominal diameter of .095" (2.4 mm).
  • Instrument Connection is stripped wire leads
  • Applications and Industries - an excellent solution for a combination of space restricted applications requiring high level accuracy with process development, product development, testing, machinery, and equipment in Bio-Pharmaceutical, Medical, Aerospace, Food Processing, HVAC, Refrigeration, and other industries.
  • EvoSensors Part Number: P4A-TBSX-125-PX-1-PFXX-80-STWL - 1 inch long probe length - location B-3-3
    • P4A-TBSX-125-PX-2-PFXX-80-STWL - inch long probe length
    • Location G-6-3
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