Protective Housing for Micro Series of Infrared Temperature Sensors and Transmitters



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Stainless Steel Air Purge and Mounting Housing for Micro Series of Infrared Temperature Sensors and Transmitters

  • Housing Only - does not include the Infrared Sensor
  • Air Purge housing encases the Micro Infrared Temperature Sensors (IRT-CSM series) in a sealed Stainless Steel enclosure. 
  • Air Flow and Recessed sensor position helps keep Dust, Moisture, and other Contaminants away from the Infrared Lens.
  • Stainless Steel housing protects the sensor from cleaning chemicals or other harsh environments.
  • Housing Design is a 2 piece cylindrical construction with internal threads and a tapered PTFE split bushing. The split bushing design allows the small plastic housing encasing the sensors electronics and lead wire to transition through the rear of the stainless steel during installation and sealed. 
    • Design provides a higher degree of safety and durability with the elimination of outside components possibly contaminating food, pharmaceutical, medical and other processes. 
  • M12 Mounting male thread accomplished with the length designed to accommodate up to 2 nuts and 1 lock washer. 
  • Dimensions - Overall length is 2.815" (71.5 mm).
    • Front piece diameter 0.827" (21mm).
    • Rear piece diameter 0.993" (25.2 mm)
    • Rear piece length is 1.07" (27.2mm) with an inclusive 0.250" (6.3mm) long taper to the front piece
    • A stainless steel hose nipple 0.620" (15.7mm) long extends perpendicular (out the side) of the rear piece.
    • Hose Nipple accepts 4.0/2.5 or 6.0/4.0 mm OD/ID plastic tubing 
    • Weight is 3.8 ounces (108 grams) without the sensor in the housing and is 4.7 ounces (133 grams)    
  • Evosensors Part Number: IRT-CSMX-APCS
  • Location E-1-5

Micro Infrared Temperature Sensors and Transmitter Programming Connection Kit for Infrared Temperature Sensor Software

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