Surface RTD - 3 Wire Pt100 Design with a Miniature Bolt On or Cement Down Fitting and 15 ft (180) Inches of Wire Leads



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Surface RTD - 3 Wire Pt100 Design with Miniature Bolt On or Cement Down Fitting and 15ft (180 Inches) of Wire Leads

  • Temperature Operating Range is -90 to 500°F (-70 to 260 C)
  • Sensor is a 3-wire Pt100 (Platinum 100 Ohm) Class A element design encased in an aluminum fitting.
  • Fitting measures 1/2" (.500") x 5/16" (.312") wide with a .114" hole for a #4 Screw.
  • Wire Leads - 15ft (180 inches or 4.57 meters) of 500°F (260°C) PFA (Plastic Fluoropolymer) rated insulated wire with stripped leads.
  • Wire Construction is 3-conductor 26 Gage Stranded (7/34) nickel plated with a PFA coating on each wire twisted design and overall PFA jacket, The outside diameter is approx. .072" inches.
  • Accurate, Fast and Secure surface temperature sensor with electrical interference immunity for applications in Semiconductor, Alternate Energy, Power Generation, Aerospace, Military and Defense, Power Electronics, Machine Builders for Plastics Processing, Industrial Automation and other industries.
  • EvoSensors Part Number P3A-BDFT-REC-PX-0.31-PFXX-180-STWL
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