Type T Thermocouple Probe 1/16" Diameter Ungrounded 6 Inches Long with Transition to 40 Inches of FEP Lead Wire with Connector or Stripped Ends


SKU: T1X-S304-062-UX-6-PFXX-40-MPCX

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Type T Thermocouple Probe - 6 inches long 1/16" Diameter Stainless Steel Sheath Ungrounded with a Transition to FEP Lead Wire with Connector or Stripped Ends

  • Type T Thermocouple with a 1/16" diameter 6" inch long Stainless Steel MI Cable sheath and metal transition fitting to FEP Lead Wire.
  • Temperature Operating range of the probe is -452 to 662°F (-269 to 350°C)
  • Ungrounded Thermocouple design minimizes electrical interference and provides protection to the thermocouple junction.
  • Probe Transition to a Stainless Steel metal fitting backfilled with high temperature epoxy and Stainless Steel spring with 40 Inches (1 Meter) of Plastic Fluoropolymer 400 F (200 C) rated lead wire.
  • Instrument Connection - miniature male connector or stripped leads
  • Industries and Applications include Biotechnology, Cold Storage, Battery Technology development, Medical, along with overall Research and Development
  • EvoSensors Part Number: T1X-S304-062-UX-6-PFXX-40-MPCX connector design
    • T1X-S304-062-UX-6-PFXX-40-STWL is stripped ends
    • Location C-3-2

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