Type C Thermocouple Assembly 36 Gage Diameter Wire for Fast Response. Exposed Junction with a 1/8" Diameter Ceramic Alumina Insulator 6 Inches Long and Miniature Connector




Type C Thermocouple Assembly with 36 Gage Exposed Junction and Ceramic Alumina 1/8" Diameter Insulator 6 Inches Long with Miniature Plastic Connector

  • The Type C Thermocouple Probe is with 36 Gage Wire in a 6 inch long 1/8" diameter Ceramic Alumina type sheath with a miniature male connector attached.
  • Temperature Operating range 32 to 3600 F (0 to 2000 C). The Alumina Tube melting point is approx 2000 C 
  • 36 gage (.005 inch) diameter Type C thermocouple wire itself is capable up to 4200 F
  • Exposed thermocouple junction provides Fast temperature measurement response time 
  • The Miniature Male Connector is rated to 400 F (200 C) 
  • EvoSensors part number - C1X-WBWT-36G-EX-CINS-6-MPCX
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