Type J Thermocouple Probe 4 Inches Long 3/16" Diameter Stainless Steel Sheath with Rugged 20 Gage Fiberglass Insulated Lead Wire and Spade Lugs




Type J Thermocouple Probe with 4 Inch Long 3/16" Diameter Stainless Steel Sheath and Fiberglass Insulated Lead Wire

  • Temperature Rating up to 900°F (482°C)
  • Grounded Thermocouple design provide fast response and protect the internal thermocouple junction. 
  • Wire Leads - 40 Inches (1 meter) of Fiberglass Braid insulated lead wire.
  • Wire Construction - 20 Gage solid .032 diameter bare wire in a parallel design individually insulated and an outside jacket of fiberglass braid rated to 900°F (482°C).
  • Wire Color code - ANSI with White on the positive Iron wire and Red negative Constantan wire. An outer jacket of Brown jacket with a black trace
  • Instrument Connection - stripped wire leads with Type J spade lugs 
  • EvoSensors Part Number: J1X-TBSX-188-GX-4-FGXX-40-SPLX
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