Type J Thermocouple Probe with Miniature Connectors - 1/8" Diameter 4 Inch Long Stainless Steel Sheath with Grounded Thermocouple Junction


SKU: J1X-S304-125-GX-4-MPCX

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Type J Thermocouple Probe 1/8 Inch Diameter 4 Inch Long Stainless Steel Sheath Grounded with with Miniature Male or Female and Male Connector Pair

  • Type J Thermocouple Probe with a 4 inch long 1/8" diameter Stainless Steel MI Cable sheath ungrounded and miniature male connector attached.
    • A female miniature connector, stainless steel wire clamp and silicone rubber wire grommet is an available option.
  • Temperature Range is 32 to 970°F (0 to 520°C) 
  • Stainless Steel MI Cable design provides a Bendable Sheath with highly compacted, high temperature mineral insulation (MgO) ensuring the separation and protection of the internal thermocouple wires. 
  • Grounded design protects the internal thermocouple wires junction and provides fast response time. 
  • Termination is a Miniature Male and Miniature Female Quick Disconnect thermocouple connectors with flat pins.
    • Miniature female connector provides the option to connect thermocouple extension wire to the female and stripped wire ends to the instrumentation.
    • Wire Grommet (Silicone Rubber) included in the female connector designed for the popular 24 gage diameter thermocouple lead wire.
    • Wire Clamp bracket (Stainless Steel construction) is included as well
    • Male and female connectors along with wire grommet are rated to 400°F (200°C)
  • Evosensors part numbers: J1X-S304-125-GX-4-MPCX - design with miniature male connector only.
    • J1X-S304-125-GX-4-MPMF- design with miniature male and female connector, along with rubber wire grommet and stainless steel wire clamp.
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