Type K Surface Thermocouple 5 Pack with Self-Adhesive Patch and 15 to 30ft of 30 Gage PFA Insulated Wire with Stripped Leads



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5 Pack of Type K Surface Thermocouples with Self Adhesive Patch and 15 to 30ft of Lead Wire with Stripped Ends

  • Five Type K Surface Thermocouples with a 1" (25 mm ) Long x .800" (19 mm) Wide x .013 Thick polyimide fiberglass reinforced patch with adhesive and 15 to 30ft of lead wires with stripped ends
  • Temperature Operating range is -90 to 500 F (-70 to 260 C).
  • Flat Thermocouple junction made with High Accuracy Special Limits of Error thermocouple grade wire provides Fast and Accurate temperature measurement.
  • Wire Leads - 15 to 30ft of 500°F (260°C ) PFA (Plastic Fluoropolymer) Insulated lead wire with stripped ends
  • Wire Construction - 0.010 diameter (0.25 mm) 30 gage solid bare wires in a parallel design with an individual PFA insulation and outside jacket, ANSI color code yellow positive and red negative wire with a clear overall jacket. The finished wire diameter is .024" x .040".
  • Instrument Connection is stripped wire leads
  • EvoSensors Part Number: K5X-TAPE-REC-FW-1-PFXX-180-STWL with 15ft of lead wire.
  • Location: D-1-10
    • K5X-TAPE-REC-FW-1-PFXX-360-STWL with 30ft of lead wire

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