Type K Thermocouple Probe 1/16" Diameter 9 Inch Long Inconel Sheath Grounded with Miniature Connector


SKU: K1X-IN60-062-GX-9-MPCX

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Type K Thermocouple Probe 1/16" Diameter 9 Inch Long Inconel Sheath Grounded with a Miniature Connector

  • The Type K Thermocouple Probe has a 1/16" Diameter 9 Inch Long 
    Sheath with a Miniature Connector for quick connection capabilities.
  • Upper Temperature Limit is approximately 1,960°F (1,070°C)
  • Grounded design provides a fast response and protection of the internal thermocouple junction
  • Inconel MI Cable Design provides a higher level of Corrosion Resistance and Strength at higher temperatures as compared to Stainless Steel and still maintains the ability to form or bend the probe to a radius equal to 2.5 times the sheath diameter without causing any damage to the temperature sensing capabilities or integrity of the metal sheath.
  • Instrument Connection is a miniature thermocouple connector provides quick connection capabilities and has an upper temperature limit of 400°F (200°C). 
  • Applications and Industries - the corrosion resistance of the Inconel sheath on the thermocouple probe provide an excellent temperature measurement solution for the Engine Technology, Research, Metal Processing, and many other industries and processes including recovering/recycling Mining Tailings and Emission Test systems.
  • Evosensors Part Number: K1X-IN60-062-GX-9-MPCX
  • Location: C-1-23
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