Type K Thermocouple Probe Inconel 1/8" Diameter Ungrounded 12 Inches Long with 18 ft of FEP Lead Wire


SKU: K1X-IN60-125-UX-12-PFXX-216-STWL


Type K Thermocouple Probe with Inconel Sheath and Metal Transition 18 ft of Lead Wire

  • Type K Thermocouple Probe MgO insulated design 12 inches Long 1/8" Diameter Inconel Sheath with Ungrounded thermocouple junction.
  • Temperature Capability up to 1960 F (1070 C)
  • 18 ft (5.5 meters) of 24 gage stranded FEP insulated Lead wire with stripped leads 
  • EvoSensors part number K1X-IN60-125-UX-12-PFXX-216-STWL
  • location B-3-12
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