Type K Thermocouple Wire with High Temperature Silica Braid Insulation 20 Gage Solid Wire



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Type K Thermocouple Wire with 2000°F (1100°C) rated High Temperature Silica Braid Insulation - 20 Gage Solid Wire

  • The Type K Thermocouple Wire is a 20 Gage Solid Design with Fiberglass Vitreous Silica Braid Insulation with a 1,000 foot continuous length. 
  • The 2 bare wires are made from Highly Accurate SLE Thermocouple Grade wire with a solid construction. Each bare wire is .032" diameter.
  • The Vitreous Silica Braid Insulation on the individual conductors and the jacket provides a Continuous Temperature rating up to 1800°F (982°Cand can achieve up to 2000°F, (1100°C).
  • The insulation is Flexible throughout the extended temperature range but is not recommended for high abrasive applications. The material properties provide the opportunity to be utilized in areas where the Temperature is Higher than the Fiberglass braided thermocouple wires. 
  • The outside jacket have an overall nominal dimension of  0.090″ x 0.140″
  • The individuals negative and positive wire have a white braided insulation, the overall outside jacket is also a white insulation.
  • EvoSensors part number: K1X-XSXX-20G-( )FT
    • Insert wire length ( ) for part number, for example K1X-XSXX-20G-50FT is a 50ft length of wire.
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