Type R and S Thermocouple Programmable Panel Meter with Single Alarm Relay Output. 1/8 DIN Panel Size

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Type R andThermocouple Programmable Panel Meter with 1 Alarm Relay output. 1/8 DIN Panel Size

  • Configured for Type R and S Platinum Rhodium thermocouple inputs with a wide temperatures range -58 to 2,700°F (-50 to 1480°C) and excellent stability.
  • Single Relay Output rated to 8 amps at 250 VAC.
  • 1/8 DIN Panel Size - one the most popular sizes with four Red LED digits 0.56" (14.2 mm) in height with 5 levels of brightness. The display is also user scalable for input types other than Temperature.
  • Power Supply is designed for Global Utilization, accepting voltages from 18 to 265V, AC or DC. Power can be 24 Vdc or AC power in any country.
  • Field Reconfigurable if desired for other inputs including the following
    • Thermocouples: 10 different types including Type K, J, T, E, and N popular base metal thermocouples. Type B platinum rhodium thermocouples for high temperatures and excellent stability in air environment, or Type C in extreme high temperature applications. Type L is the European/German  is a variant of the type J, with a different specification for the EMF output
    • RTD Probes: 6 different types - Pt100 in 2 and 3 wire configurations, Pt500, Pt1000
  • Evosensors Part Number: RS1X-DPM-18X-A1X
    • We Strongly Reccomend the Following Extension Cable Below:
             Type R and S Thermocouple Extension Cable with Miniature Ceramic Female Connector and Stripped Ends Termination 5ft Length
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